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About Us

UNIVERSALYS is an international trading company specialied in the export of agri-food products (fruits and vegetables of Tunisia), handicrafts and lubricants of all types.
The company, in collaboration with its suppliers, ensures the Quality, Quantity and Continuity of the routing of goods to its customers.
Since its foundation, UNIVERSALLYS has developed a strong specialization in international trade. A perfect knowledge of the different sources of supply as well as a rigorous selection of the suppliers allow us to propose products of excellent quality, whatever the category desired, at the most complementary prices of the market. Focusing our know-how and dynamism at the service of our customers is the goal we set ourselves every day.
Equipped with a foreign client portfolio, real expertise in international trade procedures, a strong network of local partners and contacts.
UNIVERSALLYS holds all the cards in hand to evolve durably in a global environment that testifies to a great movement.
We commit ourselves, through our Charter, to do everything possible to satisfy our customers and meet their requirements.


We have very large quantity and very good quality of fruits and vegetables of Tunisia for each season.
Our summer fruits, citrus fruits, dates and vegetables are well chosen, well packaged and ready to be exported fresh and in the best conditions.


We have a wide range of lubricants of the brand VICTORY. Lubricants for cars and motorcycles, lubricants for transmissions, oils for gears, hydraulic oils and greases.

Handicrafts products

Our craft products are created of 100% natural primary material and are forged with hands of very talented artisan and professional.

Fresh Fruits & vegetables We offer high quality & competitive prices

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